Officers Support Day

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Left to Right Officer Scott White - KTA Officer - Kansas Turnpike Authority,  Officer Paul Taylor, Administrative Training Officer and Chaplain for Douglas County Sheriff's Department, Kresten Spurling and Bronson Star - Lawrence Police Department.  In far upper left, we have Federal Marshall Jim Hall, and not pictured Ronnie Barnhardt, also a Federal Marshall for the Kansas Judicial Courts, Topeka, KS.

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Following the 4th of July weekend, and all the negative news about police officers and their mistreatment of African-Americans that we're either suspect for crimes, or offenders of the law in some form, one of our worship team members, and leader of Men's ministry, Robert Starr mention to myself, Kofi and some of the others of the worship team that we should do something to represent all the different people groups of 360 Church and invite the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, Lawrence Police Department, KTA and other state law enforcement officers to honor their protective efforts for Lawrence, Douglas County and the surrounding area.  

Those listed above volunteered from their respective areas and joined us at 11:30 am on July 31st, 2016 for this special time.  As we honored each of them listed above, Pastor Rick Burwick shared with them that each department each day was being prayed for, and we as an international church wanted to recognize them for their impartiality among the 107 different nationalities that live in and around Lawrence; and express our appreciation for them.
The 360 Church family gave them a standing ovation, gathered together to pray for them, their families, and their departments, then with exhilaration posed for the group picture.

Lawrence 360 Church is proud of our officers, Federal Marshall's, KTA officers, with and including the Fire Departments (who will be invited at a later date) of Lawrence and Douglas county and all the support people that work together for the safety of all of us who live in the surrounding area.