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Current Sermon Series

On our 360 Logo - we state our purpose is to Love, Live and Lead to renew our culture, community, & city fulfilling the Great Commission to be disciples of Christ that make disciples for Christ.
On January 7, 360 Church begins a 40 Day Challenge for Prayer
           Sermon Series:    360 CHURCH IS DRIVEN TO LOVE, LIVE & LEAD  
                              Week One -  LOVE -  DIVINE ROMANCE  
                              Week Two -  LOVE?  Doesn't Exist without Faith and Hope                                   
                              Week Three - LOVE -  How do I Know its LOVE? 
                              Week Four - LIVE - UNDER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES
                                                               UPON GOD'S PROMISES? 
                               Week Five - LIVE - HEAD OR HEART FAITH? 
                               Week Six -  LIVE - FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM
                                Week Seven - LEAD - YOURSELF, FAMILY, OTHERS
                                Week Eight -   LEAD -  INITIATE WITH PURPOSE